Government Signals Tough Sentencing Changes

Over the last few days, the government has announced proposals to introduce new offences and increase sentencing for a range of other offences.
17/10/2017/by Law and Advocacy

High-Risk Offenders – The Hidden Peril of Drink Driving

Many people convicted of driving with excess alcohol leave court with a pretty clear idea as to the length of their driving disqualification, but for a significant number, there is a shock further down the line.
03/10/2017/by Law and Advocacy

Drones and the law

This article examines drones and the legal framework which governs their usage.
03/10/2017/by Law and Advocacy

Environment Agency Clamping Down On Criminal Activity

People who illegally dump waste have cost land and property owners millions of pounds in the last year, according to the Environment Agency.
28/09/2017/by Law and Advocacy


For our clients and their families, facing an accusation of rape or other sexual crime can be a horrendous experience.
22/09/2017/by Law and Advocacy

A Taxing Problem For Business

The Criminal Finances Act 2017 comes into force on 30th September 2017, and there are important things for a business to know.
22/09/2017/by Law and Advocacy

Leaving a Linguistic Footprint

An insight into people’s identity has been revealed as a result of a cache of 1.7m emails that were put out on the internet by US regulators.
25/07/2017/by Law and Advocacy

Victorian Laws on Will Writing Under Review

A consultation paper has been issued by the Law Commission on reviewing and updating the rules around making a will.
17/07/2017/by Law and Advocacy

In defence of defence

As criminal defence lawyers we are often asked how we can live with ourselves since our job is to defend those accused of crimes.
17/07/2017/by Law and Advocacy

A Higher Form of Intelligence

The Serious Fraud Office has announced that it used artificial intelligence (AI) software to review documents in the investigation in corruption at Rolls Royce.
28/06/2017/by Law and Advocacy

Teams perform better than a collection of individuals

The Times journalist Matthew Syed wrote about this in his column this week and referenced a study of medical students.
06/06/2017/by Law and Advocacy

Do we really need a Court Order when my ex and I have agreed our finances?

If you do not have a Final Financial Order approved by the Court, there is always a risk that your ex can make a claim against you.
05/05/2017/by Law and Advocacy
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