Urgent Announcement

Please be advised that at 15:44 on 26 April 2019, Andrew Hosking and Sean Bucknall, both of Quantuma LLP, were appointed Joint Administrators of Rodney Warren & Co Ltd (in Administration) (“Warrens Law”).

For more information please contact Sam Hewitt at Quantuma LLP at Sam.Hewitt@Quantuma.com.

The Joint Solicitor Managers are Jo Creamer and Samantha Palmer of Pinset Masons LLP.

For information please contact the Joint Solicitor Managers at Pinset Masons at rodneywarrensolicitormanager@pinsentmasons.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will happen to my file?

To ensure continuity of service to you, we are pleased to inform you that all crime and matrimonial client files will be transferring to Reeds Solicitors a regulated law firm, as per the letter you will have received from Warrens Law. Reeds Solicitors will be in contact with you, by phone, email or text message.

In respect of all other files, whether for a closed or on-going matter, please contact the Administrators and/or the Solicitor Manager, details above.

Can I instruct another solicitor?

Yes of course, you may instruct any solicitor of your choice. Please just let your fee earner know that you would like to instruct another law firm and they will immediately make arrangements for the safe transfer of your file, together with any other valuable documents Warrens Law may have been holding for you in their secure storage and any client funds that Warrens Law may be safely holding on your behalf.

What will happen to my Wills or Deeds?

For information concerning wills or deeds please contact the Joint Administrators and/or the Joint Solicitor Managers who will be able to assist.

What will happen to my closed file?

We are pleased to let you know that all closed and archived crime and family files will be in the safe custody of Reeds Solicitors. Should you wish to retrieve these documents please get in touch with your fee earner or the using the following details:

T: 01865 260230

E: info@reeds.co.uk

Reeds Solicitors will be happy to assist you and arrange for the safe transfer of these documents back to you or to any other solicitor of your choosing.

Non-crime/family archived files – please contact the Joint Administrators and/or the Joint Solicitor Managers who will be able to assist.

What will happen to any client money?

Reeds Solicitors is a law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. All client monies safely held in Warren Law’s client account are not affected by the administration. Unless you instruct us otherwise, all client monies will be safely transferred with your file to your chosen solicitors firm’s client account and will be allocated to your individual matter.

In relation to non-crime/family matters please  contact the Solicitor Manager team who are instructed by the Joint Administrators to assist with the transfer of client files and client monies from Warrens Law;


What happens if I am a creditor of Warrens Law?

You should not hesitate to contact the dedicated Joint Administrators team at Quantuma LLP. You can reach them by contacting Sam Hewitt at Sam.Hewitt@quantuma.com who will be pleased to assist you with any creditor enquiries that you may have.