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Money Laundering -SLPs

The UK government has unveiled plans to close loopholes around Scottish Limited Partnerships (SLPs) which have been abused to launder dirty foreign money. Thousands of businesses in Britain use limited partnerships and SLPs legally. However government research suggests that they have been exploited in complex money laundering schemes. These limited partnerships have also been linked […]


  The surge in employment claims, according to the Ministry of Justice has been fueled by a Supreme Court’s ruling in July last year. The ruling stated that employment tribunal fees were unlawful; as a result the government promptly scrapped the fees with immediate effect. There has been a near doubling in employment tribunal claims […]

Burglary and Self-Defence

The law of self-defence is again in the spotlight following the case of 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks. Mr Osborn-Brooks was briefly investigated after the fatal stabbing of a burglar who entered his property. So, what are your rights when dealing with an intruder? There is no ‘right of revenge’ in English law, punishment, following conviction is […]

How organisations can benefit from GDPR

  Most organisations should have heard about the changes to data protection rules -GDPR- which are being introduced on 25 May 2018. On the face of it the changes appear to be another layer of bureaucracy however they provide you with an opportunity to review and improve systems and processes. The new regulations, which form […]

Divorce-how to tell the children

Putting your feelings aside for the sake of your children Divorce is not great for anyone, but particularly not for the children, who may blame themselves for the situation. If parents are able to put their own needs to one side and focus on their children it may be possible to limit the damage. The […]


Following on from an article on this subject recently by James Rann of Warrens Law and Advocacy there is a current story running in the press on the same subject. Max Mosley, former head of F1, wants to use data protection law to prohibit the press from publishing previously reported stories about his social life. […]

What Happens in Vegas, May Not Stay in Vegas!

If you commit a criminal offence in the UK, the police will record details of that offence and any subsequent sentence so that it is revealed during any future PNC (Police National Computer) check. If you commit a Criminal offence abroad, can that be kept a secret? The answer depends on where the crime has […]

Doctors in the Dock-Criminal Proceedings

    Many medical professionals are up in arms following recent Criminal Proceedings involving Dr Bawa-Garba (General Medical Council v Bawa-Garba [2018] EWHC 76 (Admin). The case followed on from proceedings before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal which had rules that Bawa-Garba should be suspended from practice for a period of one-year. That ruling was challenged […]