Fixed fee for Consent Order

A Consent Order is a document drafted to record an agreement between two parties, reached outside of Court. The agreement might be reached privately or through the facility of a third party service, such as mediation. Upon agreement, the Order will be legally drafted, signed by the parties and then sent to the Court for approval. Once approved, it will be sealed by the Court and so becomes legally binding upon the parties to it.

Costs £600 + Vat £170

Total £815

This fixed fee assumes that you have generally agreed what is to happen should the relationship end.

What is included in the fixed fee Consent Order?

  • Initial free consultation with one of our expert family lawyers together with the email, telephone number and mobile number for your lawyer.

  • Correspondence and discussions with you and your partner.

  • Advising you of the issues that may be relevant.

  • Drafting the Consent Order.

  • Arranging for the signing of the document.

  • Making application to support the Order to the Court.

  • Liaising with the Court regards any queries prior to approval.

What is not included in the fixed fee Consent Order?

  • This fixed fee does not include pre or post agreement negotiation or mediation.

  • We cannot advise of what arrangement to make as that would involve a complete analysis of your financial situation but we can advise you of the issues that you may need to consider further once you come to us with your agreement.

  • Discussions between the people involved where there is disagreement.

  • Unforeseen complexity arising from change of circumstances.

  • Resubmission of the Order to the Court if subsequently amended by the parties.

  • In the circumstance of an Order involving large amounts of assets, please contact Warren’s directly and a detailed quote will be supplied.