Fixed fee for Specific Case Assessment

We offer an individual and specific case assessments for those that require a more detailed analysis of their specific problems. This allows you the opportunity to speak directly to an expert lawyer to explain your problem. You will be advised of your legal position and what happens next should you choose to proceed further.

Costs £275 + Vat £55

Total £330

To assist in providing the best advice possible you should have the following information to hand:

Full names and dates of birth of all people involved including any children. Dates of marriage or civil partnership (including any periods of cohabitation). Housing status (approximate value, mortgage details, date of purchase). Income and capital details for you and your partner/spouse (earnings, pensions, investments, assets, savings). Details of your specific problem

What is included in the fixed fee Specific Case Assessment?

  • Initial free consultation with one of our expert family lawyers together with the email, telephone number and mobile number for your lawyer.

  • Correspondence and discussions with you and your partner.

  • Advising you of the issues that may be relevant.

  • Where you stand in relation to your dispute.

  • Advising you of the further steps needed.

What is not included in the fixed fee Specific Case Assessment?

  • We cannot advise of what arrangement to make as that would involve a complete analysis of your financial situation but we can advise you of the issues that you may need to consider.

  • Discussions between the people involved where there is disagreement.

  • This does not include cases involving large sums of money in which case you will need to contact us direct for further information.