Menu of additional fees

Acting for a Limited Company charge£150 plus VAT
Acting for a buy to let purchase£100 plus VAT
Expedition fee for completion within 7 days of exchange£100 plus VAT
Dealing with share in freehold in conjunction with lease£100 plus VAT
Dealing with any advance or borrowing on a purchase other than the first mortgage£175 plus VAT
Discharging any additional charges, other than first mortgage, and notices on sale – per item£95 plus VAT
Arranging an indemnity policy or allowance in lieu£50 plus VAT
Holding or dealing with a retention£75 plus VAT
Dealing with any undertaking other than redemption of mortgages£50 plus VAT
Dealing with any gift£50 plus VAT
Application for retrospective restrictive covenant consent£75 plus VAT
Dealing with application for membership – age verification or other title requirement£50 plus VAT
Preparation of a statutory declaration e.g. as to right of way£175 plus VAT
Preparation declaration of trust£250 plus VAT
Preparation of deed of covenant£250 plus VAT
Preparation of deed of substituted security£250 plus VAT
Dealing with deed of variation£500 plus VAT
Application to Land Registry to enter or remove a notice£75 plus VAT
Re-assignment and surrenders of life policy£75 plus VAT
Representing a client who is purchasing with a help to buy or lifetime ISA£150 plus VAT